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Our Mission - Provide clearer choices for clearer vision

At Brazos Eye Surgery of Texas, our physicians and staff are devoted to each patient's individual and customized visual needs.

We uniquely provide the most advanced surgical technology for superior outcomes in the Waco area.  

Our  founding and general ophthalmolgist Russell E. Swann, M.D., FACS and our fellowship trained surgeon Forrest Beau Swann, M.D., MS  are dedicated to providing quality care and personal attention to our patients. 


what makes us special?

Russell E. Swann, M.D. has received the coveted Best Doctor in America Achievement Award each year since 2001.  

The Brazos Eye Surgery of Texas physicians and staff are devoted to each patients individualized and customized visual needs - taking into account your current health issues, your eye glass prescriptions, and your specific lifestyle and interests.  All these factors are carefully considered to determine the BEST treatment plan to help you to make clearer choices for clearer vision.  We have helped tens of thousands of people enjoy the benefits of today's advanced cataract surgery - including quick recovery, no patches or stitches, "high-definition" vision with reduced or eliminated dependency on glasses.  Our surgeons specialize in the most minimally invasive technique in the country, which utilizes the smallest incisions possible.  Using LENSAR laser enhances the safety of the procedure and offers the reduction for astigmatism.  The use of ORA technology allows more precise and accurate real time surgery measurements for calculations for a new lens implant.

You can expect guided assistance throughout the entire cataract surgery process.  A personal surgical counselor will work with you to schedule all necessary appointments and answer any additional questions you may have.

"quality care and personal attention"

"The next morning that eye tested 20/20!... The colors in my "new" eye were crisp & vibrant."

About Us

Russell E. Swann, M.D. established his practice in general ophthalmology in Waco in 1981 with a vision and passion to bring state of the art ophthalmic surgical technology to Central Texas.  Dr. Swann's reputation for excellent surgical outcomes earned him area wide recognition.  A battle with cancer forced him to discontinue his surgical career in 2009, but he continues to meet the needs of his general ophthalmology, diabetic, and glaucoma patients.  His vision remains to provide state of the art technology, protocol and procedures to patients in the Waco area.

Forrest Beau Swann, M.D. was a first year medical student when his father was originally diagnosed with cancer.  His own journey in medical training caused him to fall as deeply in love with ophthalmology as his father.  Unlike average ophthalmologists, Dr. Beau Swann chose to pursue additional specialty training and earned an esteemed fellowship in refractive eye surgery and cornea.  His training and expertise now offers advanced technology for safer, and more accurate superior surgical outcomes.

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