If you’re looking for a cataract surgeon in Waco, Texas, look no further than Brazos Eye Surgery Center.

What is a Cataract?

When the lens inside the eye becomes cloudy (less transparent), it is called a cataract. Light can’t pass through it as well, so vision becomes dull and blurred. Cataracts can develop at any age, but are typically a normal part of the aging process. Symptoms can be very subtle at first, but as a cataract develops (the lens becomes darker and cloudier) you may experience blurred or dim vision, difficulty reading, glare, halos around lights (especially at night), decreased ability to appreciate vivid colors, feeling like your glasses need cleaning an frequent changes in your eye glass prescription. Sometimes cataracts grow so slowly that patients aren’t even aware of how bad or advanced they are until they are removed and replaced with a new, clear lens.

At our practice, we specialize in Laser Assisted Cataract removal using LENSAR technology and Premium Lens Implants, which may allow patients to see at all distances, even up close, with little to no dependance on reading glasses or bifocals.

How Is It Treated

Cataract Image

Removing the cloudy lens by surgery is the only way to treat a cataract and restore clear vision. Your cloudy lens is replaced with a clear, permanent implant called an intraocular lens (IOL). Diet cannot be used as a treatment nor are there any drops or other medications for treating cataracts.

With today’s technology, your surgeon can safely remove your cataract, and implant a replacement lens to restore your vision. Learn why adding the LENSAR® Laser System to your advanced cataract procedure is the superior decision for your vision.


A multifocal lens that allows patients to have distance, intermediate, and near vision.

Toric IOL

An IOL that allows for FULL astigmatism correction.

ORA Technology

Ensures the upmost accuracy with premium cataract surgery.

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