Mary Gunn

After 63 years of wearing glasses, I opted for Laser Refractive Cataract Surgery with Premium IOL, performed by Dr. F. Beau Swann of Brazos Eye Surgery of Texas in Waco, Tx.

Dr. Swann & his staff did careful preop measurements & tests with various macDr. Beau Swann with Patienthines in his office to determine my needs & options.  The options he determined appropriate were then presented to me by Dr. Swann, who answered my many questions about possible outcomes of laser vs. traditional cataract removal.

He advised me that one eye presented extra challenges, having previously had a vitreous detachment & later a torn retina that had required immediate laser repair.

The staff at the day surgery center was professional, efficient, & pleasant.  The actual laser procedure was made surprisingly comfortable by doctors & staff who made sure the entire time that your needs are met since you are awake.

At home that day after the laser surgery on the first eye, I was astounded.  I had no eye patch, no pain, no headache, & could read the guide & captions on a small screen tv across the room.

The next morning that eye tested 20/20!  I knew my vision had been steadily worsening over the past year or so.  Night driving was scary.  Passing from a light room to a dark room required an adjustment time.  After the laser surgery, these problems were correcting.

After the first eye was done, I closed it & realized for the first time that a dull yellowish haze covered the entire field of vision of my other eye.  The colors in my “new” eye were crisp & vibrant.  The cat really is white.  I could distinguish navy blue from black again!  Dr. Swann’s staff provided an easy to follow chart for the eye drops routine required.

A week after the first eye, he did the other one.  It was more challenging because of the previous procedure on it, but once again the doctors & staff made sure my comfort needs were met.  It may require a touch up, but what freedom to not be fumbling for glasses to see!  I still occasionally reach up to take off my glasses before getting into the shower.  I smile when nothing is there.  I am now #nomorefoureyes!

I do not regret for a moment using these funds for this improved procedure & lens to correct & enhance in a safer & more efficient way a fundamental sense that is so vital to every minute of each day.

Dr. Russell Swann has provided our family with premium vision care since we moved to Waco, & we are so pleased that Dr. Beau Swann has brought the latest technology & his excellent training & skills to Brazos Eye Surgery of Texas.

Jimmy Lane

“Just wanted to drop you a note to say —

“THANK YOU for the miracle!”

It has been absolutely unbelievable – the colors are amazing, the clarity and clearness of my vision is most remarkable.  All of a sudden the sky is blue again, trees are bright green and have leaves again, and without reading glasses I might add – words seem to just jump off the page.

My computer screen is no longer just a blur.  I can lean back in my chair and actually read what’s on the screen – even the small print!

And it’s not that I didn’t believe you when you told me this would be the case — it just almost sounded too good to be true.  And yes it is!!!

Laura Guerra

“I could not be more pleased with the outcome of my laser assisted cataract surgery.  My vision is truly amazing.  The procedure was painless and quick.

In my opinion, you are the BEST in your field.  I am so thankful to have found such a highly skilled doctor in Waco.  

I also appreciate your patience and kindness with me since I tend to worry with any medical procedure.  

Thank you so very much.  I will highly recommend you to everyone I know.

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